This is an incredibly handy piece of furniture for limited spaces.
These combination desk, bookcase and storage units are called
Bureau bookcases in the antique world and 'do it all' as far as
functionality is concerned as well as being elegant solidly-built
and well made pieces of furniture.

This one dates to just post Australian Federation period or
the Edwardian period in English terms and Arts & Crafts in style
(simple, elegant and functional.)
Beautifully crafted in solid English oak it has stood the test
of time (no having to put this baby out on the street in a couple
of years because it has started to fall apart!)
It has a large bookcase section on top with adjustable shelves,
and a two door storage area at the bottom without a shelf.
In between is a fitted drop front desk- you pull the two side
supports out on either side of the central drawer and lower
the desk drawer down onto these to form a large desk surface.
This section is fitted with pigeon holes for all your goodies.
It really becomes quite a substantial desk area when open.
Well and truly big enough to do some serious work from.

It is not highly decorated and will fit into most interiors
without being too 'antique' looking.
Condition is very good. It has slightly 'rustic' look perhaps
as with most oak pieces it does not have a French polish finish
but is simply waxed to show the lovely oak grain.

It measures 118cm wide, 213cm high and only 45cm deep which
means it doesn't protrude too much into the room.


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with any questions


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