This is an amazing large vintage Navajo (perhaps) Squash Blossom necklace.
From my research all of the Native American Indian tribes used similar
designs and manufacturing skills to produce their jewellery and as these
items are not something we get to handle very often here in Oz I am
not qualified to identify the tribe who made it nor the mine where
the stunning turquoise cabachons came from as some sellers on the US sites are able to do.

What I can tell you is how incredible the blue of the turquoises are.
For me they are the colour you think of when you say the word Turquoise.
Each large gem quality cabachon stone has a subtle matrix running through it.
From what I have researched this naturally occurring matrix is one of the features that
authenticates these genuine mid 20th century pieces from modern turquoise jewellery which
apparently is often dyed, showing an overly strong even colour throughout with little or no
matrix whatsoever which is not what naturally occurring specimens generally look like.

The camera flash often changes the colours in photos and in particular blues
so I have tried to represent the colour as close as I can to real life - perhaps
the colour in the photo on our model dressed in a red satin Chinese dress is closest?
Anway, the colour is true a turquoise colour and I'm confident it won't disappoint.

This incredible necklace weighs 208+ grams, measures 63cm in length (25 inch)
when opened out and has a 38cm (15 inch) hanging length.
The smallest of the ten 'Squash Blossoms' (nearest the catch) measure around 4.3cm
by 2.3cm (1 1/2" x 1") and graduate up to the largest blossoms near the pendant
(called a Naja) which measure around 5cm x 2.7cm (2" x 1 1/8") each.
Each blossom is bezel set with a large turquoise cabachon of exquisite blue.
Often turquoise changes colour to a green hue with time if not treated correctly
but these gorgeous stones are as blue as you could wish for from naturally occurring specimens.
The Naja pendant measures 9cm x 7.5cm (3 1/2" by 3") and is set with 7 more turquoise cabachons
ranging in size (as can be seen in the photos) and decorated with a twisted and looped wire designs.
Some of the stones in this necklace are more rounded than some of the others and hence sit quite proud
of their bezels while the others are more level to the silver settings encasing them.

The necklace has a lovely patina (gently cleaned by me) and is in very good condition with only
one of the blossom ends (top right) a bit bent over but could easily be straightened by a jeweller.
The blossoms are attached to two rows of very fine large hand made bench beads which are
all strung on a silver wire.

As with most of the other examples of this jewellery from this era there are no hallmarks or makers marks
unfortunately as it would be lovely to definitively know what area it was made in.
It tests as sterling silver and there is no doubts about that.

I suppose this type of Native American jewellery is not hard too find in the
United States but it does not pop up here all that often, not in our world anyway,
so we are very pleased to be able to present it for sale.

Please do not hestitate to contact us if you have any other questions re this item
or of course any other items we have listed.


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