74cm HIGH 18thC STYLE

This huge vintage bronze statue is of a young couple in 18thC peasant costume.

It is French in style but it is not signed or marked in any way so we don't know for sure
where is was produced but it retains remnants of the borax powder used
in the traditional lost wax method of bronze casting.

The previous owner purchased it from an antique shop in the early 1990s so it is
at least 25 years old and probably older than that.

It weighs a tonne - not literally of course but perhaps 30 kilos or more and
stands 74cm high and 30cm across the base.

It's well detailed and the proportions are good so it has been produced by
a sculpture of some skill.
In excellent vintage condition with no damage to report.
A coat of wax and a buff would enliven it though - a traditional way to
maintain and preserve bronzes, especially from salt air.

We think we have priced it very reasonably if compared to what even brand
new bronzes of this size would cost today.


Please email us at
with any questions


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