Classic French gilded spelter mantle clock from the late 1800s.
Apparently it was won in a footrace by A W Summerville who was
Town Clerk of Balmain between 1918 & 1935 according to its previous owners.

The clock is working and retains the original pendulum and key that
I've forgotten to photograph so don't look for them in the photos.

It also still retains the original gilt shaped plinth covered in red velvet.
This type of clock often had a glass dome as well but if there
was one it is no longer around.

The gilding has dulled & darkened in places with time and exposure to dust.
It would benefit greatly from cleaning or if you are prepared to spend some serious money
having it professionally re-gilded the clock would come alive again and at the same
time bring it back up to a market value of 3 or 4 times what we are selling if for.

Another alternative to just improve its appearance would be to go over it with one of the
modern gilding pastes available in craft shops that do a surprisingly good suedo gilding job
for a fraction of the cost of real gold gilding.
They are a simple rub on buff off job and if you get the colour right
they really make a huge difference to anything with a gold finish.
This won't value add to it like authentic gold gilding but will
brighten it up considerably.

The clock itself runs reasonably well at the moment & keeps quite good time but all old time pieces
require a periodic service to keep running well and I have no idea when this was last done.

Lastly, the porcelain dial is in excellent condition which is always a big plus.

The clock base measures approx. 41cm wide by 35cm high by 13cm deep.
The plinth is slightly bigger than this.

The second last photo shows it displayed with a pair of antique French Rococo
style gilded bronze candelabra that we are also listing (separately) which make a great
'garniture' for this lovely French clock.


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