Early Australian furniture of this quality is getting hard to find these days.
This fabulous large 'farmhouse table' is big enough to comfortably seat 8 people
and has a long, large drawer at each end for handy storage.
The cedar table top is ONE SINGLE SLAB OF CEDAR!
I can't emphasise enough how rare this is.
This has to date the table to the mid 1800s as the big ancient cedar trees
were pretty much gone in NSW by the late 1860s and a single plank of cedar
of these dimensions would have to come from one of the old big trees.

We think it started out life without the drawers as possibly a government piece
(not stamped) or a wealthy private person as a dining or library table.
Then in the late 1800s when it was 'just an old table' it was converted by a local
carpenter into a farmhouse kitchen table by the addition of the drawers at each end.
We think a carpenter because the drawer sides are not dovetailed together as you
would expect to find if they were original to the table when it was made.
They look great, don't get me wrong but dovetails would be normal practice
from a cabinet-maker which is who made the table.
The castors were also probably changed at this time as it was traditional for the
castors to be porcelain at this time.

It certainly looks to have seen enough active service to have been used in a big
old kitchen and it definitely leans to the rustic end of the condition scale.
There are a few fine hairlines in the ends of the table top (examples shown)
and the top has a couple of indents at one end as well (also shown) and usage
marks commensurate with age.
One of the legs has a bit of out of it (also shown in photos) but none of it is overly
serious but only adds to its charm in my opinion.
The patina from its traditional French polish finish is lovely and in good condition.
As stated we haven't detailed it yet so a coat of wax will make it even more
fabulous than it is, especially the legs which need it most.
The drawers are currently a bit sticky to pull in and out but they only require
basic TLC to improve them and the current humidity doesn’t help either.

Our fabulous full cedar farmhouse kitchen serving table measures 213cm long, 106cm wide (single piece remember!) and 76cm high.
We have matched it with formal carved mahogany balloon back chairs in the
photos which we are also listing (separately) but will look great with almost
anything you want to sit around it with - even modern chairs!@ (bite my tongue) would look fab with it.

You'll go a long way to find another beauty like this one.


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