This is a classic small drop front bureau or writing desk in its configuration
but spectacularly different to the normal versions in its decoration as night is to day.
It was most likely made in either Hong Kong or Singapore in the mid 20th century for
the export market no doubt.
It would have been purchased by someone assigned to a post or job in either place at this time-
a souvenir from the 'Mystical Orient' in the days when most people would never even think about
let alone have the opportunity to visit either of these exotic places.

What a talking point it must have been in the original owner's home and what a fabulous
eye for quality they possessed as I have seen few carved furniture items as good as this one.

The carving is almost 3 dimensional - it is 2cm deep in places and depicts a detailed battle scene.
It looks like a number of warriors on horseback (I particularly love the horses) chasing two
other warriors all brandishing swords and flags and pikes and spears.
There are lots of pagodas in the background and one in the front with pine trees scattered around.
There is also another detailed decorative panel running all around the top of the legs.
The inside of the draw pulls are also decorated but the rest is absolutely plain in stark contrast to the decorated sections.

The interior is fitted with sections and one drawer with a brass Chinese drawer pull.
Unlike many drop front desks from this era its supports automatically come out when the door
is lowered to use the desk - not something that always happens with drop front bureaus.

It stands 109cm high, 91.5cm wide and 47cm deep (at the top of the legs section).
When the door is down it is 80cm deep.
It also has two drawers which is very handy as well.
Cabinet makers have been making dropfront bureaus for hundreds of years as they are perfect
for small spaces but I've had few as splendiferous as this one!


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