STUNNING (and I try not to use this word too often) Art Deco style
glass Liqueur decanter and glass set which we believe dates to this period.

The design looks like a cross between something Karl Palda or Josef Hoffmann of
Wiener Werstatte and Moser would have designed for Goldscheider -
if they had decided to go into glass making, of course.
By this I mean the wonderful glass stopper looks like a hat on one of those
dazzling Art Deco dancing girl figurines Goldscheider produced at this time.
The straight lines combined with beautiful curves is very Josef Hoffmann -
alas not signed by Hoffmann or Moser or we would have a 2 in front
of our Buy It Now price.

As there is no makers mark we are selling this gorgeous glass liqueur
set as ‘Bohemian’ glass made in Czechoslovakia.
The colour is fabulous and is far better in real life than I can show
in these photos.
It’s a stunning blue with a dash of mauve that dramatically intensifies
as the glass gets thicker at the angle changes.

The shape of both the decanter and the glasses is something we have
never seen before – especially that fantastic stopper!
The 6 glasses are an elongated flattened octagon bowl on a
similarly shaped thick foot.
The decanter body is a flat bottomed fan shape with its dramatic
and unique ‘Goldscheider hat’ stopper.

Condition overall is great for its age and or course being functional items
that could have been handled many times over the decades.
Three of the glasses have one ‘fleabite’ on their base foot and another
has a TINY nick out of its top rim.
I haven’t photographed them as they are too small.
There are some marks on both ends of the stopper that look a bit
like small scrape marks in the photos but after looking at them under a
jeweller’s loop I am fairly confident they are manufacturing floors.

The decanter with stopper stands 20cm high and is 20cm wide as well,
and approximately 6cm deep.
The glasses are 5.5cm high, 7.2cm wide and 3.9cm deep.

If you are into Art Deco glassware you won’t be disappointed with this set.


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with any questions


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