Quality Victorian Mahogany three section mirrored wardrobe.
The two outside sections are hanging and the centre section has three
enclosed drawers at the bottom and very handy sliding drawers in the top.
This is a fine quality example of its kind with beautiful hardware
and fine detailing as shown by the Birdseye maple fronts on the drawers.

The left side is full hanging and the right side (which I
forgot to photograph) has a shoe cupboard in the base.
I have hung a dress in it to show that it actually allows
a modern coathanger to hang straight on from front to back.
This might sound odd if you are not familiar with antique robes but
when they were made people didn't have lots of clothes like we do now
and just used hooks to hang their few precious pieces of clothing on.
Most woman would probably have only one dress, or two if she were lucky,
one for Everyday and one for Sunday Best and the same for the men with their suits.
The original hooks are still inside but a quality brass rail has been
fitted in both sides early in the 20th century to accommodate coat hangers.

It is in relatively good condition for its 130 years with no major defects.
It even still retains all its original hardware including the gorgeous
glass door knobs and the quality interior brass handles.
The central mirror has probably been replaced as it is in such good condition.

There are a couple of areas on the outside that could use a bit of TLC
but are not glaringly obvious when you are standing in front of it.
I have taken a close-up of the most affected section which as can be seen
is the top right corner of the cornice where the veneer finish has
deteriorated but it is not as obvious as it looks in this closeup photo.
There is also a little bubbling over the top of the arch of the left door but
once again nothing that hits you in the face when you are standing in front of it.

It comes apart into five pieces ie the cornice is one piece, the three centre sections
are separate from one another and the base that it all sits on is a separate piece.


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