1920s Oak Dropfront Bookcase


Classic Jacobean revival Bureau Bookcase made in the first quarter
of the 20th century from stained English Oak as is the norm for this furniture.

This lovely and compact Bureau Bookcase features leadlight
doors in the upper bookcase section and the lower section
houses a fitted dropfront desk over two long drawers.
All this sits on a four stretcher base with Barley Twist supports.

One of its best features are ther support arms for the desk door come
out automatically when lowered which is a handy feature and not always the case.
The interior is fitted with pidgeon holes - nothing fancy but functional.

It is a great size for a small space as it is not overly wide
at just 87cm wide and not too deep being just 41cm at the most.
It is 197cm so there are no ceiling height problems.
All this makes it the perfect one person home office for a small residence.

It was in 'untouched and well used condition' when we got it.
Being approximately 90 years old and having been utilised for all
that time the timber was a bit dry and hence the dropfront door has
a slight bow in it.
Nothing too great but it doesn't close as flat as it should.
We have since given it a good wax so it looks nice now.
Also one of the leadlight glass panels in the top is cracked.
Any glazier can fix this if so required but it is not an
essential repair if it doesn't worry you.
There is also a small piece of trim missing from the bottom
drawer on the left hand side.
Hard to see unless you are really searching for it.

We have priced this dropfront bureau bookcase according to
its condition as one in good condition would sell for
considerably more than our price.


Please email us at
with any questions


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