Post & Rail Furniture opened in 1973 in Sydney, Australia.
As it expanded internationally in the late 1980s, the company has now
rebranded as Pacific Green and is manufactured in Fiji where the
sustainable timber they now use for their funiture 'Palmwood' is grown.

If you bring up the original website for Post and Rail it has photos
of three of their early designs, one of which is the lounge suite
we are selling here.

This suite is quality with a capital Q.
The leather used in good lounge suites in this era (70s and 80s)
is FULL GRAIN leather, not the split compressed stuff that 'they'
are trying to convince us these days is real leather and which certainly
won't stand the test of time like this particular suite has.

This classic retro Post & Rail lounge suite is approximately
30 -40 years old and is still in great shape and super comfy.
The leather is beautifully 'aged' ie it has definite signs of age
and use (just like a middle-aged persons face really) no damage
but enough lines to show it has been around for a while.
The camera flash makes the lines look much worse than they are!
Actually a good going over with saddle soap will do wonders to nourish
it, we just haven't had the time to do it ourselves, as yet.
The woodwork is all good with the only faults to report being
some of the plugs that cover the screws used to fix the timber
framework together are missing from the BACK of one chair and
the back of lounge or sofa also.
No big deal really but mentioned for accuracy of description.

This suite is really as comfortable (and heavy) as it looks.
Each piece of the FOUR piece suite is impressed with the
P & R stamp and they all have the original cushion labels attached.
The coffee table is included in this price!

You just can't buy this standard of leather lounge suite
these days unless you go to one of the really highend furniture
stores and pay many thousands of dollars - not 2 or 3 -
I'm talking $10,000 and up.

So if you are looking for some retro chic, great design, value for money
and something comfortable to park your backside in, this is for you!

It can be viewed 6 days a week (NOT Tuesdays, that's our weekend)
at the Manly Antique Centre - 259 Condamine Street, Manly Vale.


Please email us at
with any questions


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