This listing is for a number of limited edition bronze African animals
by the renowned South African Wildlife Artist, Safari Guide
& Game Conservationist ALLEN HALLETT

Allen grew up in the highlands of Kenya which were at that time teeming with
wildlife and his school holidays and any spare time were spent either hunting or
fishing in the surrounding areas.

On leaving school he moved to South Africa and joined the Natal Parks
Board and went on to become a senior game ranger in the wildlife reserves
of Zululand which enabled him to study Africa’s wildlife first hand.
Allen has also undertaken several commissions throughout Southern Africa
and many of his edition pieces are in private collections throughout the world.
Allen’s international reputation as a wildlife artist continues to grow rapidly,
with successful sales at Christie’s of London, amongst others.
He was recently selected by the David Shepherd Conservation Foundation to
contribute a piece of his work to be auctioned by Christies’ along with several
world renowned wildlife artists to assist the cause for conservation.
He now lives and works in the magnificent Natal Midlands,
and undertakes many field trips to inspire his creativity.

These lovely vintage animal bronzes were acquired from an ex-pat South
African who was presented with these delightful creatures as a leaving gift
when she moved to Australia some years ago.
The bronzes themselves – an elephant, a leopard in a tree, a water buffalo
(I think that is what he is), a rhinoceros (NOW SOLD!) and a male lion are all in very good
condition with no damage or unusual rubbing to the copper coloured patination.
The wooden bases are all ‘as is’ in that the modern finish has deteriorated
and could do with a bit of TLC (should show up quite well in photos)
Even a drink of furniture oil would be better than nothing but if a more
permanent solution is required a good rub back with sandpaper or steel
wool and a refinish of something a little more akin to the subject matter
like beeswax or a finishing oil would be very nice.

All the wooden bases are 18cm x 11.5cm and have felt bottoms.

The heights of each animal differs a little -
The elephant and leopard are almost 18cm high
The water buffalo about 15cm and
the lion (who is lying down) is about 10.5cm high.

They are all signed on the side of the bronze bases (not the wooden base)
somewhere different on each one with the edition number
of 39/100 and the artist’s name ALLEN HALLETT and copyright symbol

Hopefully the photos show the fabulous detail of each of these
handsome chappies –each is so well done they are a delight to the eye
even the old water buffalo who is not traditionally one of the
sexiest of the African animals is just wonderful.

$475.00 EACH

Please email us at
with any questions


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