We love weird stuff but I think this one takes the prize in our shop.
Apparently these Armadillo baskets were quite a common tourist item
in the late 19th century and well into the 20th century.
Hard to imagine why looking back from the 21st century but
attitudes were different then and apparently no one thought twice
about using Texas' national symbol and turning him into a pink,
satin-lined ladies sewing basket!

Weird and a little sad but true.
How he then got to Australia, well that would be another
'tail' all on its own but we don't actually know to be honest.
But here he is and so he hasn't died in vane we are hoping
he will be added to someone's collection (colllectiton of sewing
baskets, taxidermy, macbre items? whatever floats your boat)
and continue to exist to fascinate and disgust I should think.
He really deserves a place in a Social History museum as an
example of all sorts of things if you think about it.

He measures approx. 17cm x 18cm x 14cm high.
Condition is quite good on the outside (these are tough
little guys) but the pink satin lining is faded and stained
but it is original and about 100years old so no suprises really.


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