This is probably the only one of these we will ever have in stock.
Top of the range Wurlitzer Juke Box known as

This machine can take upto 120 full play CDs - not singles
but multi track albums hence making the song capacity
of this fabulous thing enormous.
Currently there are about 60 CDs in it - mainly Country music
(which we are quite getting into now because of the jukebox)
and all the songs currenlty available are listed on the existing menu pages.
Of course you can put in whatever CDs you like and print off your
own personalised menu too.

However we are selling the jukebox with the CDs and also the external
speakers shown in the photos (not original to the jukebox).
It has its own small internal speaker but its not good enough
to get full enjoyment out of this Big Boy's Toy.

This model can also be hooked up to your existing entertainment centre
as well, so you can play music DVDs and watch them through the TV.
How cool is that!

At the moment it has had the money side of things switched off
but it is an easy adjustment to hook it up again and then you
will have to put money into it to play songs.

Wurlitzer first started to make CD jukeboxes in 1982 but we don't
think this one dates back to that time - more likely 10 - 15 years old.
We had it fully serviced in November 2013 and so it is working perfectly.
No warranty of course as it is second hand but there should be
no problems now for many years of listening pleasure to come.

The actual jukebox measures approx 1 metre high and 60cm wide.
Condition is very good with a tiny bit of cosmetic damage to one
side at the back as shown in the photo.
Easily rectified but I can't imagine anyone is going to notice it anyway.
I can assure you they are too busy watching the coloured bubbles
whizzing around the multi-coloured tubes around the outer edge
to worry about anything like that.

It is just a fabulous thing and coveted by everyone who comes into the shop.
For the lucky someone who purchases it you are not only getting an icon of the
20th Century you will get years of pleasure out of it at a greatly reduced price to a
new one (Don't believe me? Just check it out for yourself).

If you have a cafe or pub you can even make money out it so not only will it
be a tax deduction but will also become a profit making piece of equipment in the long run.
How good is that?!


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with any questions


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