We have just purchased a small but interesting Star Trek collection from a man
who was given some of these items in the 1980s by his mum (who was a Trekkie)
and the signed pieces date from the 1980s and he got them himself.
There are a number of items that could be of interest to the avid
collector especially this item which is the earliest of this form of poster
available as far as I can ascertain.

Publicity stills were taken of both Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner even
before the Star Ship Enterprise's final design was decided on as this
image apparently shows. The prototype ship Mr Spock is holding is not
the ship that was finally used from what I have researched.
These pictures were taken in 1966 and this has printed on one side
231 Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek).
I am presuming this is an original 1966 poster - I haven't found any evidence
of later reprints but I cannot be 100% positive about this.

It is poster size measuring 96cm x 76cm and is mounted
on a sheet of masonite that has two holes drilled in the top
(through the poster unfortunately) so it can be hung.
Condition overall is not great and is a bit faded but it is
still a great piece of original series Star Trek memorabilia.
Even Sheldon would be happy to own this one.

We also obtained a number of other Star Trek posters (not shown)
including one of my favourites Generations
They are rolled up so once again condition is original but not pristine

If you require any additional information regarding this or any
of the other Star Trek items we have just email and we'll get
right back to you.

Please email us at
with any questions


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