This is a Sun Standard No.2 typewriter dating to between 1901 - 1907.
The first Sun Typewriter were produced in 1901by Sun Typewriter Company , New York , USA.
This machine augmented and then replaced the index-style No. 1 in the Sun line, having nothing
at all in common with it (except that both were patented by Lee Burridge) and essentially appearing
soon enough that the company's survival for a number of years was assured
(although it was never a serious contender for office standards).

This model does not employ ribbon inking; rather, it uses an ink roller.
This roller is replenished from a secondary ink reservoir, which in itself is unique and was also patented.
Not only the inking mechanism on the Sun 2 was special. So was the escapement.
The escapement was operated by a handle that was struck by the type bar just before it hit the platen.

The Sun Standard stayed on the market until 1907. It appeared in different countries with different names,
such as Nova and Star. The machine, including some of the export models, also appeared in green.
This was the first keyboard typewriter to have used sheet metal in the construction of the main frame, rather than all cast iron, enabling it to be sold for the low price of $40.

The condition of this one is 'untouched'.
It obviously hasn't been wrapped in cotton wool for the last 105 years but has been well used.
It is sitting on it's original oak board but there is no cover.
But it also hasn't had any enthusiastic amateur restorer kill it either so thats a big plus.
With someone's experienced loving hand it will 'shine' again (Sun....shine.....get it?)

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