Just one of a large collection of Biggles
books we've purchased.
Plus some of the other series written by
Captain Johns (SEE LIST BELOW)
This one is titled:-

The Biggles Adventure Omnibus
by Captain W E Johns

Biggles Gets His Men
No Rest for Biggles
Another Job for Biggles
Biggles Takes a Holiday

First printed in this form 1965 by Hodder and
Stoughton Limited
Red cloth hardcover book NO dustjacket.
Very light staining to the front cover
and the corners are all a bit bent.
This book is in reasonable condition as shown
NO personalisation on front page
Little if any foxing to edges. One double
page has spillage as shown but no others
that I saw Nothing torn that I could see.
No loose pages but generally 'well used'.


LIST OF BIGGLES BOOKS (prices reflect condition etc):-

Biggles Defies the Swatstika - 3 copies $25.00, $38.00 & $55.00
Gets His Men 1st edition $50.00
Goes Home $50.00
At World's End 1st edition $35.00 & $40.00
Goes to School $25.00
and the Mission Millionaire 1st edition $30.00
in the Blue 1st edition $29.00
Follow On 1st edition $22.00
Comrades in Arms $40.00
Foreign Legionnaire 1st edition $45.00
in the Baltic - 2 copies $40.00 & $130.00
on the Home Front $34.00
Breaks the Silence 1st edition $22.00
in the Jungle - 2 copies $20.00 & $85.00
No rest for Biggles 1st edition $20.00
Flies North $35.00
and the Pirate Treasure 1st edition $26.00
Another job for Biggles 1st edition $28.00
Biggles' Chinese Puzzle 1st edition $26.00
Spitfire Parade $45.00
Fails to Return 1st edition $25.00
Sweeps the Desert $20.00
Takes a Holiday $20.00
Delivers the Goods - 2 copies $18.00 and $20.00
Pioneer Airfighter $17.00
and Co $17.00
in Borneo $20.00
in the Cruise of the Condor $12.00
and the Black Peril $18.00
Secret Agent $12.00
Flies South $18.00
of 266 $12.00
Sees it Through $30.00
in Africa $18.00
Charter Pilot $20.00
Flies Again $13.00 & $20.00
of the Special Air Police - 2 copies $12.00 and $15.00
Flies West $20.00
Air Dective $20.00
in the Southseas $25.00
in the Camel Squadron $18.00
Air Dectective Omnibus $20.00
in Spain $21.00
Flies North $20.00
in the Orient $18.00
Flies to Work $13.00
in Australia $25.00
Hunts Big Game $20.00
The Boy Biggles $17.00


The Man Who Vanished into Space $75.00
Sinister Service $35.00
Worrals of the WAAF $45.00
Worrals Goes East $20.00
Worrals Flies Again $35.00
Worrals on the War-Path $35.00
Worrals Goes Afoot 1st edition $65.00
Gimlet Bores In 1st edition $32.00
Gimlet Lends A Hand 1st edition $23.00
Gimlet Oriental Quest 1st edition $35.00
Gimlet Takes a Job 1st edition $48.00
Gimlet Goes Again $26.00
Gimlet Home $15.00

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