This is an amazing survivor from the past.

A metal painted "Chocolate Wheel" used for games of
chance in fun fairs and Carnivals in the early 20thC.

Chocolate was the prize in a lot of cases (I'm guessing
here) as this probably dates to the Depression era
and chocolate would have been a treat most children
would rarely if ever get at this time.

This one is metal and obviously a one-off made by
someone of some skill in metal work and imagination.

The level of artistry of the painted finish is rudimentary at
best but this only goes to help to tell the story of this rare
Depression Era item.

We found it nestled amongst the stock in trade of a hiring firm that closed decades ago.

It still works very well and could be used in a fun way at Charity
Functions or games at ‘Country’ weddings or functions.

We also have an old green metal megaphone that you could use
with it (separate purchase) to really get that "Roll Up,
Roll Up, Everyone's a Winner" effect.
If you are going to use it you may have to eventually
replace the leather piece that flicks past the metal
divider spikes as it is old and leather is perishable.

It measures 72cm high by 40.5cm wide across the wheel itself.

This is a hard to find item in Australia.
A little more readily available in the USA but generally with
bigger price tags than what we are asking here.


Please email us at
with any questions


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