This is a stunning Australian cedar dining table.
Dating to c.1960 it features cabriole Queen Anne
legs that are positioned to allow for lots of
leg and wiggle room for six people.

The best part though is the glorious and I
mean glorious SINGLE PLANK shaped cedar top.
It is extremely rare to find cedar dining
tables from this period with a single plank
top - it must have been cut from a big tree
which were very scarce by the mid 20th century.

This table would originally have been quite red in
colour like the separate chairs in the photos.
It must have sat in a sunlit room for 50 years
or more and now faded down to almost a
swirled honey colour.
You cannot imitate this sort of patina.
It is just wonderful.

As mentioned the top is shaped which not
only makes it even more beautiful but also makes
it narrower at the ends compared to the middle.
Narrow tables are sort after now as most people
don't have huge dining spaces anymore so
it is great for modern day living.

It measures 84cm wide at the ends, 90c wide
in the centre and 182cm long.



The dining chairs are also cedar from this
period and are priced at $750.00 for six.

Please email us at
with any questions


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