Over the past 30 years there have been very few times I have acclaimed
a late 20th century piece of furniture as being as well made as its antique equivalent.

Most modern furniture is made with veneered craftwood (which is not a species
of timber by the by) and put together with either staple guns or metal hinges
that require an allen key to assemble when you get home.

Somehow the world has been convinced that this is how furniture should
be made but I am here to tell you that this is just not the case.
Furniture up until recent times was made by a trained cabinet joiner
skilled in the use of joinery after having completed a
long and demanding apprenticeship of many years.

I know! Shock horror!

These people knew how to use wood planes and lathes and routers and
god knows what else to do things like make drawers secured with dovetails that
run smoothly on their wooden runners not plastic wheels on metal runners.
These pieces were made to last a lifetime or longer and they did.
You didn't have to rebuy the same item everytime you moved because
the craftwood has broken around the metal joints or because the
the staples have fallen out with normal use and the piece has fallen apart.

You bought a piece of furniture with confidence of its longevity and with
appreciation and admiration for the skills of the maker of this
beautiful and functional piece of furniture just purchased.

We thought those days had completely disappeared until just the
other day when we were fortunate enough to be offered a second hand desk
in the antique style with a lovely gilded leather insert.

Can you imagine our shock and delighted surprise when we opened up
the top left drawer and found the makers sticker proclaiming it was
made in Launceston, Tasmania no less by a maker called Toledo
who is miraculously still making custom made furniture to this day!
Not only this the sticker is personally signed by the CEO and
and is numbered #70103.

We were gobsmacked.

Apparently they specialise in producing furniture in Tasi blackwood and
this desk is no exception.
Not sure of exactly how old it is but guesstimate is 20 years.

It is a fabulously made traditional desk with everything
you would expect to find in the equivalent antique version.

Some rotten person has given them a 1 star rating on their Google
listing which was obvious done by someone who has never seen
a piece of their furniture and is just a miserble human being.

It is in stunningly good condition and really looks to be
been rarely used.
The green gold stamped leather insert has almost no signs of use.
The desk has 7 drawers - 3 on each side including 2 fitted
filing cabinet drawers at the bottom and a central drawer as well.
They all run smoothly and the wood finish in general is still
in excellent conditon.

It is a 'stand alone' desk which means it is finished on the
back with decorative panels so it can face into a room and
still look great (not all desks are like this).

It measures 168cm wide, 76cm high and 85.5cm deep.
The kneehole where you sit measures 65cm high and
69cm wide so is easy to work at with plenty of leg room.

This is a piece of 'modern' furniture we are proud to
be able to offer for sale to our customers and is well
worth a look if you are after a prestigious piece of
office furniture.
(We also got a great quality leather desk chair with
it too which we have listed separately).


Please email us at
with any questions


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