This is one of several Thomas Boyd paintings we purchased from
a deceased estate of a man who was friends with the artist
and bought them directly from him in the 1960s.

This is oil on board and the frame measures 47cm x 42cm.
Still in its original frame which is a bit dirty but should clean up.
There is no matting on the frame, its all wood so it can be repainted
with ease and there is nothing wrong with the painting itself.

Boyd's works are a good mix of Australian bush scenes and houses
etc and this one is titled (on the back):-

Jurd's Cottage, MacDonald Valley built 1802.

Out of my own interest I tried to find something out about it but
although St Albans in the MacDonald Valley had an original founding
family called the Jurds 1802 is some years before the small township
was actually settled so the date must be wrong.
There is no surviving Jurd Cottage that I can find.
This was painted 50 odd years ago and perhaps it still existed then
and it has since been consigned to history.
There was not the same conservation interests at this point in our history
so it may well have been let to dissolve into the mists of time.
What a pity if this is what happened and if so this makes this painting
of our lost past a rare and valuable item from a social history point of view.


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