These Credenzas from the mid Victorian era are such stunning
and functional pieces of furniture.

They are good for storage as well as displaying one or two treasured items.

The best quality ones were made in Rosewood (like this one) or burl walnut.
Always with a shaped marble top and mirrored back.
Sometimes the front doors are mirrored as they are here and sometimes
they have figured wood or open fretwork panels on the doors.

It's of a medium size for a credenza measuring 149cm wide, 46cm deep and 146cm high.
The shallow depth makes it great for a smaller space i.e. a hallway or small dining room.
They are often quite a lot bigger than this one so its a great buy for someone
with limited space which seems to be most of us these days.

It has two shelves inside so is really a useful storage cupboard
as well as being a thing of beauty.
One of the great things with using a piece like this in a hallway or dark room
is that all the mirrors reflect light and make the area their in much brighter.

In very good antique condition overall.
Some minor marks to the marble and a small repair to the front edge which
I have now included a photo of as I didn't see it when I did the original
description. Its about 1cm long but doesn't hit you in the face by any
stretch of the imagination (see fourth last photo).
No damage to the stunning Rosewood veneers
(could use a dust I realised after taking the photos)

Its a nice thing with great storage.


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