This fabulous example of an antique work bench probably
originated in England roughly 100 years ago and would have
been used in a professional tradesman's workshop rather than
in a domestic situation.

The exposed dovetails at the front are an incredible 6cm long!
I have never seen dovetails this size before on anything.
They are absolutely amazing.
The whole piece so stunning in real life - something that
is VERY hard to relay in photos (especially mine).

In its most recent incarnation it has spent the last few years
as a Barista's workstation in a local busy Manly cafe.
They made some minor alterations to it that can be reversed
without much trouble if that is your desire.
The cafe owner added a bit of timber framework on the bench's
work surface so the custom made glass sheet sits evenly on top.
There is also a cash drawer at the back and the timber
shelf between the two leg supports looks to be 'new' as well.

The glass sheet is 11-12mm thick and the edges have been bevelled.
Two holes were drilled on one side to take the electric cords.
The glass itself measures 250cm long by 75cm wide.
The majority of the wooden work bench below is about these dimensions
with only one vice protruding out another 21cm at the front (see photos)
and the whole thing is 86cm high (perfect work height).

Condition overall is great - rustic of course but good.
There is a shallow chip on the underside of one corner of the glass
but nothing dramatic and fairly unnoticeable.
It does have light overall scratching from constant use but this
to me just enhances the overall antique workbench feel and once
again it's not that obvious anyway.

There are small pin holes in the timber here and there from LONG DEAD woodworm.
They are well and truly GONE so nothing to worry about and
the tiny holes aren't noticeable when looking at the piece
with the human eye - its only when you focus a powerful camera
lens on it do they come to your attention.

This Barista's coffee bar was reputedly well admired and proudly used for
many years in the cafe but sadly for the cafe's owner the time came that they
had to redo their interior (helps keep their customers interested apparently)
so this gorgeous (and much loved) piece has to find its next incarnation.

It would make a fabulous kitchen island that would not only look
fantastic but will be an easy-to-clean functional area for prep,
storage and to sit at (what more do you want from your kitchen island?!)
or of course another cafe can put it back to its coffee bar use
or it would be fabulous in a super duper man-cave as a drinks station.

All it takes to give your interior a bit of personality is a little
imagination and something gorgeous and unique from the Manly Antique Centre
so come in, have a browse and get those creative juices flowing.


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with any questions


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