Fabulous small mid Victorian mahogany Pembroke table.

A Pembroke has drop down sides that are supported
by brackets that fold out from underneath the top.
This makes it quite a functional piece for a small space
(no extra legs to get in the way when open like a gateleg table).

Pembrokes are high quality pieces of furniture made for the
'well healed' and hence we don't get a lot of them these days.

It dates to the mid Victorian era of c.1860-70
It was made from the finest mahogany that has been grain
filled and French polished in the traditional manor.
It features what looks like a drawer in each end with brass knobs
but in fact there is only one long drawer (see photos).
A very useful feature if space and storage is in short supply.

This absolute sweetie of a table is in well-used original condition
It doesn't look to have ever been restored so the finish is
original hence lots of usage marks on top as can be seen in the photos.
One of the side flaps is slightly warped in one corner
but it is not too bad and doesn't stop it being
either functional or beautiful.

All these signs of age and use is called patina in the antiques world-
something that is far more desirable than a piece that has
had all its 'age' removed and made to look new.
This little table has not had its age removed and it's an absolute cutie.
We've just given her a bit of a clean and polish so she is ready to go for
another 150 years.

It measures 50cm wide x 84cm deep x 73cm high unopened
and 103.5cm wide x 84cm deep x 73cm high when opened up.


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