This vintage fur throw was given to a young lady by her uncle many
years ago when returning from a trip to Canada.

She thought her uncle said it was bear but in my opinion the fur
is not long enough for bear and it is definitely made from lots
of small pelts sewn together whereas a bear would be one piece.

After having a bit of a scout around on websites selling these new
I think it is dyed beaver throw so this is what we are selling it as.

This is not an item we see much of and they are around $2000 new.
This one is vintage and it has a couple of minor condition issues.
As shown in one of the photos there is a small narrow section near
the centre of the throw running down one seam where there is a bit
of fur missing but itís not much and it took me a while to find it
again to photograph it so it is not that obvious either.
The throw is satin lined and there are a couple of white marks on this
lining which look to be where a sticky label has been removed actually.
Other than this it is in good condition.

It measures 185cm long by 90cm wide.
I have photographed it on both a king single bed and a queen size
bed so you can get a feel of its size.

We have priced it taking the small section of missing fur into consideration
but it is a lovely warm soft snugly thing and if you have hankered
after one of these for those cold winter nights this is worth grabbing.

$650.00 as found

Please email us at
with any questions


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