Fabulous piece of 20th Century social history.
This two door ice chest is the original Refrigerator.
It may seem archaic now but to own one of these babies made a life
changing difference to the average housekeepers quality of life.
A big statement I know but absolutely true.

Before the ice chest people relied on food safes - large wooden
cabinets with wire mesh sides and door inserts that stood in
a (hopefully) cool part of the kitchen preferably with a draught
running past it to help keep the contents cool and the flies away.

If you were lucky (and wealthy enough) to purchase an ice box?
Well , your whole life changed.
Your daily trip to the local store to purchase perishables like milk,
cream, meat and so on reduced down to once or twice a week!
These expensive items no longer spoiled in the heat so you could
stock up and devote the precious time saved in your day to doing
washing and ironing and all the other mundane boring bloody stuff
women have been consigned to be in charge of for millennium.

Large blocks of ice were required to make an ice chest function
and as more and more households could afford one industrious chaps started
delivering these blocks of ice right to your door! What a time to be alive.

The block of ice went into the bottom section and you put your goodies on the shelf
above it. Originally it would have been a wire shelf but the previous owners
used this ice chest as a booze holder so they had a glass shelf inserted
which although is not original it makes it quite functional.
There are a couple of chips on the edge of the glass but nothing terrible.
As it was a bar as such there were lots of ring marks on the top too
but we have restored the top back to original so you would never know.
Everything else on this beauty is original including the handles,
hinges etc. There is one screw missing out of one door hinge which we
won't replace unless we find an exact match in our box of old bits.
It doesn't hinder the door function at all so don't want to add
something that's not right just for the sake of it.
The interior is lined with enamel and the original decal of
do's and don'ts is on the inside of the top door.

Otherwise in excellent condition.
It stands 55cm wide, 40cm deep and 98cm high.
As stated it was used as a bar and what a fabulous idea this is.
Would be fantastic in a covered outdoor entertainment area
as well for storing drinks or ice of course or both.
Would also be fabulous in a country kitchen to sit your
micro-wave on perhaps and keep potatoes and onions etc below?
I'm sure other uses could be easily assigned to this piece
of social history - just some imagination required.


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