What an amazing old piece of carved furniture.
This 'court cupboard ' was purchased from an
antique shop in New Zealand in 1960s by the
previous owners family and bought out to Australia
with them at a later date.
It was purchased apparently as a genuine 17th century
English oak Court Cupboard but the top and bottom
are a 'marriage' i.e. a mix of genuinely old pieces of
furniture reconfigured to make a more saleable piece.

We think a lot of it dates to the 17th & 18th centuries
and the rest is clever work by the Victorians or Edwardians
so it is all ‘antique’ but not all the same age.

The back boards on the bottom section look to be 17th
century originals but the backboards on the top look
more early 19th century (no photos I'm afraid.)
The gloriously tactile barley twist supports on the front
are not the correct design you would expect from an
Elizabethan or Jacobean era cupboard which are usually
more a carved baluster shape but they are definitely old
and are probably off another piece of 18th century furniture.

The intricately carved designs vary from top to
bottom as well which is also a tell-tale sign they
didn't start off life together.
You don't notice the differences unless you are looking
for them and overall the cupboard's proportions and
design are very pleasing to the eye.
A unique feature of this court cupboard is the pair of
Green Man faces in the bottom section which if you
look closely at you'll realise one has his tongue poking out!

The condition is very good overall with the only thing
to mention is a small crack in the carved egg and dart
border support on the top section - see photo.
Not terrible but needs to be noted for accuracy.
Other than this just a few bumps and knocks as
would be expected.

These Court Cupboards were for display and storage
of 'Plate' i.e. the household's silver or best pewter plates,
drinking vessels etc designed to be displayed on these
showy cabinets in the dining hall for all the visitors to
view and envy.
If you go to any medieval castles or manor houses in England
you will see these cabinets in The Great Hall -
often having been insitu for 400 years or more!
How absolutely fabulous!

If you want an all original one you will have to add
another 0 onto the end of our price - if you can
find one at all, that is.

It measures 153cm wide, 63cm deep and 164cm high.

$ 3775.00

Please email us at
with any questions


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