This mid Victorian pair of Grandfather and Grandmother chairs as
they are most commonly referred to are just the Bees Knees of chairs.
The walnut frames and gloriously carved and the almost Ecclesiastic shape
to the back of the chairs is such a smart and rare design feature
you almost never find on a pair of these classic Victorian chairs.

The upholstery was redone in the 1970s we think in a very high quality
wheat coloured brocade which is still in overall good condition.
There is a faint mark or two and some pulled threads on the back
but nothing too bad or unsightly.
They are also quite comfortable which is also not a common feature
of these chairs.
We are selling them as found because both of them have a bit of curly
carved detail missing from one front leg as shown in one photo.
In reality you don't notice it but has to be pointed out.
There will be a few bumps here and there to the frame and near the
carved terminal of the Grandfather chair 'arm' there is a what looks
to be a small knot of the timber has come out. Walnut does tend to have
those lovely burr knots in it and I think this is what has happened here.
It's not huge or very noticeable but we like to be dead accurate with our
descriptions and there is a photo showing it.

We know the buyer will not ever regret this purchase.
They are one offs as far as we are concerned and of a quality and
design we are quietly confident you will never see again.


Please email us at
with any questions


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