(Seats 4 to 14 and everything inbetween)


Dating to the third quarter of the 1800s it is all solid English oak -
the 6 legs, the 4 extensions and the numerous sliding tracks (see photos)
that allow the table to extend and retract to whatever
size your little heart desires and I mean virtually ANY size
as this incredible metamorphic table extends from a large 4 seater
up to a 12 to 14 seater with not much effort.
It has six legs of course to hold up the middle when fully extended
but the centre legs are set back from the table edge so when its not
extended they don't get in the way of the diner.

This fabulous table has a real rustic almost 'farmhouse' feel to it
as it is a pale oak colour and has some lumps and bumps to show
it's a true antique, not a knock-off.
Fully extended with all the leaves in it measures 418cm long by
152cm wide by 75cm high.
Two of the leaves measure 68cm wide each, another one is 63.5cm
and the fourth one is 67.5cm wide.
Reduced down without any leaves it is a ROUND table with a diameter
of only 152cm.
It's an incredible transformation in the flesh to watch.
There's no winder to lose, it's all manual.
A little bit of push and shove is required to make it a four seater
but you don't need to be a body builder to do it either.
One person at each end, pull apart enough to either add or remove
as many of the solid oak extensions as desired, push together to secure
& BINGO! Bob's your uncle.

When we got this table it was in a sligtly sorry state so we had the
top fully restored by a professional restorer.
To keep it up to date with today's life style it was finished with
a durable modern satin (not shiny) finish for easy entertaining.

It is possible it was once stained a dark colour that was removed long ago
as the 6 legs show some colour variation around the 'knees'.
The carving exposes the cross grain of the timber which
of course is much more absorbent than the rest of it.
Time has also probably added to this as well.
It is not obvious when you look at the table as a whole.
If you get on the floor and have a good look you can see it more clearly
but in many ways it only enhances the rustic appeal of the table.

The narrowest of the 4 extensions has had an old burn mark sanded out of it
as well which has left a depression (shown in one of the close up photos).
Not enormous but there all the same and mentioned for description accuracy.

Also when it is decreased down to the smallest round option there is a small
gap between the two ends. Not huge, 1-2mm at most but timber can shrink over time
and this is probably the result of that phenomenom (see photos).

There are no imperfections out of the norm with a genuine antique table but
they need to be mentioned for accuracy of description.

We recommend any prospective buyer comes and has a look for themselves in person
if possible to get a true idea of the versatility and quality of this incredible table
as the photos don't really do it justice.

I can't emphasise enough that it is all solid English Oak.
Something that completely sets it apart from anything you could buy today.
In fact an English born and trained cabinet maker and restorer told me more than a decade ago that
the pieces of timber he required at the time (in American oak because he couldn't get English oak)
to make the legs of a 14 seater table he was making cost over $1000 each!
That's just the lumps of wood for the legs.
That antique style 14 seater dining table with 14 matching chairs (for which he charged them $2000 each)
ended up costing those people $49,000

We have a set of 6 antique oak chairs (shown in photos) that we got separately
that are a really fabulous match for this table but modern chairs would
look fantastic as well and would completely change the look of it again.
We think it would fit well into both a relaxed or formal interior.


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